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Hello and welcome to, The UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of safety signs, safety stickers and safety labels. You can find 1000's of safety signs, safety stickers and safety labels available to browse and purchase with great discounts. We offer quality as standard on all of our products and guarantee our products are the best quality the market has to offer. The material we use for our signs, stickers and is a high quality vehicle grade vinyl which has a minimum life of 5-7 years. It doesn't stop there either, we also laminate the stickers for additional protection and to further prolong life of the signs, stickers and labels. All safety signs, safety stickers and safety labels are produced using high resolution quality meaning better visibility and increased visible presence, this can be critical when a safety aspect is concerned. Don't forget! Free shipping on all orders over £50.00 exc VAT.

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We have a growing selection of safety signs and safety sticker product categories all available at competitive prices. Some of the product categories include:

Electrical Safety Signs : A range of electrical safety signs available in multiple sizes, layouts and sign materials. Electrical safety signs can provide an indication where an electrical hazard or danger may be located. Electrical safety signs are also very important to display where an electrical hazard or danger is exposed.

Custom Safety Signs : We manufacture bespoke custom signs to suit your requirements. Just input any text you require on your safety sign and we do the rest! The materials we use are 1.5mm Semi-Rigid PVC Signs, 3mm Rigid Plastic Signs and 3mm Aluminium Composite Signs. Additional options are available such as self-adhesive backing plus holes and cable ties to make installation easy and simple. If you are struggling to find the right sticker, label or sign you require. We offer a custom design label, sticker and sign service so we can supply a product to suit your needs and requirements. For A free quotation please email or telephone us with the details of shape, size and quantity you require.

FORS Stickers: Safety-Label now supply a full range of FORS stickers for companies which comply to the fleet operator recognition scheme. We simply print your ID number on to the FORS sticker to ensure your company vehicle is recognised when arriving on site. Please see below for our full range of external grade FORS stickers all available in a range of different sizes. aims to provide you with the very best service, price and quality! Why not take a look at our new specialist safety signs website | The Safety Signs Specialists