FORS Stickers

FORS stickers are used to display company vehicles which comply to the current FORS legislation. All of our FORS stickers are manufactured using external grade vinyl meaning they are suitable for outdoor use for up to 7 years. FORS is known as the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme which is an accreditation scheme that helps to develop the efficiency of fleet activity. FORS is operated mostly around London but the scheme is now being used throughout the UK helping to improve safety, lawfulness, economical efficiency and environmental protection. Please see below for our full range FORS stickers including extra vehicle stickers for larger vehicles such as vans, lorries, trucks and other HGV vehicles. 

  • All FORS Stickers Are Manufactured Using External Grade Vinyl for Use On Vehicles
  • Enter Your ID Number For Your Sticker And We Do The Rest
  • We Also Sell A Range Of Other Vehicle Stickers On Our Transport And Vehicle Stickers Category