Speed Limit Stickers

Speed Limit Stickers can be applied to a variety of vehicles which are limited to a certain speed. Speed Limit Stickers are ideal for vans, lorries ( HGV ), trucks, buses, caravans & construction vehicles plus many more other vehicles. In France, it is advisable vehicles which have a gross train mass (GTM) over 3.5 tonnes to display a Kph speed limit sticker on the vehicle. This applies to trailers, caravans, lorries etc. because they are required to drive at a reduced speed on single carriageways (80 Kph), dual carriageways & motorways (90 Kph). There are also new regulations in Italy so you will need a reflective speed limit sticker with a minimum size of 150mm in diameter to conform with the Italian speed limit sticker law, please see the European speed limit stickers below for the up to date European speed limit stickers for coaches and other vehicles that travel across Europe.

  • Speed Limit Stickers Are Used To Inform Other Motorists That The Vehicle Has A Limited Speed
  • KMH / KPH And European Speed Limit Stickers Are Available For Caravans Or HGVS Travelling To Other Countries
  • All Stickers Below Are Made Using High Quality External Grade Vinyl Which Are Suitable For Vehicles