New Printers - TrueVIS VG2's

Mar 01 2022 0 Comments Tags: Printer

With our recent move from our old premises to the new unit, we've spent big and purchased two new VG2's for faster, more detailed printing. Our new printers boast more vivid colours, superior printing speeds and wider vinyl printing which allows bigger signs or more products to be printed every minute. With the VG2's we can have your stickers and signs to you sooner with unmatched quality.                                                                  ...

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UK Vehicle Sticker - The New EU Standard

Nov 19 2021 0 Comments Tags: Blog, Sticker Blog, Stickers

From September 28th of this year the standard sticker to be applied to a drivers car when entering the EU was changed from the blue GB sticker to a white UK sticker. The Department for Transport has stated that GB stickers must be covered by the UK sticker or replaced by it to legally travel in Europe. As well as needing a UK sticker if your license plate features a GB identifier (with the Union flag), a national flag of England, Scotland or Wales, a Euro symbol or if your license plate only features numbers and letters with no imagery....

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Burglars Beware! Security Signs Information

Aug 21 2020 0 Comments

Owners of private property can rest easy at night knowing that their property is safe at night or during the day with these anti-burglar deterrents! Research has shown that these signs have been known to sway most individuals from committing acts of burglary or theft on the premises as the feeling of being watched leads to a reduction in crime. These innovative signs/stickers can be used alongside standard signs within the workplace or private property to reinforce security and safety messages. As of 1998, installation of CCTV within the public environment that records the daily goings of pedestrians must be...

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Warning Signs Within The Workplace

Aug 14 2020 0 Comments Tags: Hazard, Warning, Workplace

Warning signs within the workplace are essential as they allow employees to be informed of potential environmental hazards that could effect health or well being. There are currently three warning levels within a sign that warns you of the potential danger a piece of equipment holds. Firstly are the Danger signs, which inform the worker that the risk could result in chance of death. These signs should be limited to minimal amounts of text to inform in the least possible time, mostly on the guidelines of three words. Secondly are the Warning signs, which inform the worker of a risk...

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AdBlue - How does it affect my vehicle?

Apr 07 2020 0 Comments Tags: AdBlue, AdBlue Vehicle Information, AdBlue Vehicle Stickers

AdBlue was created back in 2009 by a company called Tetrosyl under the branding name of Carlube. In September 2015, car manufactures such as Audi, BMW  Land Rover and many others introduced AdBlue to their vehicle ranges to help reduce emissions. Lots of new vehicles use AdBlue and will need normally need topping up when the vehicle service is due. AdBlue is widely recognised as a Diesel Exhaust Fluid ( DEF) and it is easily mistaken as a fuel additive. This fluid has a separate tank which is normally located in the boot or under the bonnet of a vehicle. A...

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Block Plan Signs - New Product Category

Jun 25 2019 0 Comments

Block Plan Signs – New Category! Safety- now offers a range of block plan signage using the following materials. 5mm Rigid Plastic 3mm Aluminium Composite Block plan signs are available in the following sizes: A3 – 420mm x 297mm A2 – 594mm x 420mm A1 – 841mm x 594mm A0 – 1189mm x 841mm We also offer an additional option of hole punching each sign for a small extra cost. (One 4mm hole punch each corner ) Block plans are widely used in the fire protection and building industries,  Blockplans are sometimes required by Law in certain applications. All block...

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2015 Update And We Now Sell CrossRail Signs and Reflective Chevrons

Nov 11 2015 0 Comments

The team at would like to say a big thank you to all of our customers of 2015, we hope all customers are satisfied with the quality of products and high level of service we aim to provide. We would love to hear any ideas or feedback of improving the buying experience and products purchased from our website. This year we have seen an impressive growth of happy customers and orders compared to last year. Due to the increase of sales, this has helped us to upgrade our printing machinery. Earlier this year we secured a purchase of a Roland UV lightbar...

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Using Recycling Stickers and Labels Can Help Reduce The Use Of Raw Materials

Feb 07 2015 0 Comments

Recycling is a method used to change old and used materials into new products and materials. This process ensures valuable raw materials are not wasted and reused appropriately. The consumption of raw materials can be significantly reduced by following this process. In the UK ,  regional & local councils have recycling schemes in place to help reduce the amount of waste. The local councils provides a number of different recycling bins and containers varying from cardboard & paper, bottles & tins and garden waste. Using recycling stickers can help display which is the correct recycling bin/container for a waste product....

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Fire Safety Signs Information

Nov 27 2014 0 Comments has recently launched a new range of fire safety signs available in different sizes and sign materials. Fire safety is paramount in any given location as fire can happen at any moment and is a massive danger to work staff and the public. Fire can cause a tremendous amount of damage by burning down full buildings to ashes, this could potentially make families homeless or even shut down a successful business. Using fire safety signs to locate important fire safety equipment could help prevent a fire from spreading thus reducing the damage it will cause. Fire Equipment such as...

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United Kingdom National Speed Limit Information

Nov 27 2014 0 Comments

A speed limit is an enforced law which applies to all traffic & vehicles using public roads. It is important that you do not drive above the speed limit for the type of road & vehicle in use. It is not necessarily safe to drive at the same constant speed limit in all conditions. For the safety of other road users, it is illegal to travel faster than the speed limit in place. A limit of 30 Mph ( Miles per hour ) or 48 Kph ( Kilometers per hour ) generally applies to all vehicles on roads with street lighting unless there is...

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