November 11, 2015

2015 Update And We Now Sell CrossRail Signs and Reflective Chevrons

The team at would like to say a big thank you to all of our customers of 2015, we hope all customers are satisfied with the quality of products and high level of service we aim to provide. We would love to hear any ideas or feedback of improving the buying experience and products purchased from our website.

This year we have seen an impressive growth of happy customers and orders compared to last year. Due to the increase of sales, this has helped us to upgrade our printing machinery. Earlier this year we secured a purchase of a Roland UV lightbar  printer from Colorific which helps us to speed up the manufacturing process of orders. Our friends over at Colorfic helped us with the setup and provided very good support with the machine, more information of the Roland UV Printer article can be seen on their website.  Finally we have welcomed two new staff this year to further increase our manufacturing capabilities. They both have settled in nicely as they make a cracking bru! ( Just what you need on a Monday morning )

Following the success of our FORS Stickers category, we have recently decided to upload a range of CrossRail Complaint Signs for our customers that need their vehicles to comply to the CrossRail legislation. We now manufacture and supply CrossRail self adhesive vinyls, magnetic signs and reflective chevrons. 

Take a look at our new category for the latest CrossRail Signs and CrossRail Stickers.

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February 07, 2015

Using Recycling Stickers and Labels Can Help Reduce The Use Of Raw Materials

Recycling is a method used to change old and used materials into new products and materials. This process ensures valuable raw materials are not wasted and reused appropriately. The consumption of raw materials can be significantly reduced by following this process. In the UK ,  regional & local councils have recycling schemes in place to help reduce the amount of waste. The local councils provides a number of different recycling bins and containers varying from cardboard & paper, bottles & tins and garden waste. Using recycling stickers can help display which is the correct recycling bin/container for a waste product.

Safety Label has a range of recycling stickers / labels available to purchase: 


November 27, 2014

Fire Safety Signs Information has recently launched a new range of fire safety signs available in different sizes and sign materials. Fire safety is paramount in any given location as fire can happen at any moment and is a massive danger to work staff and the public. Fire can cause a tremendous amount of damage by burning down full buildings to ashes, this could potentially make families homeless or even shut down a successful business. Using fire safety signs to locate important fire safety equipment could help prevent a fire from spreading thus reducing the damage it will cause. Fire Equipment such as fire blankets, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, wet risers, sprinkler controls and foam inlets can all be made visible to work staff / public by using fire safety signs. Preventing a fire from spreading and becoming lethal could potentially save lives and avoid any serious injuries. In an emergency fire safety signs could just be the difference between life and death.

Our Fire Safety Signs category can be seen below:

November 27, 2014

United Kingdom National Speed Limit Information

A speed limit is an enforced law which applies to all traffic & vehicles using public roads. It is important that you do not drive above the speed limit for the type of road & vehicle in use. It is not necessarily safe to drive at the same constant speed limit in all conditions. For the safety of other road users, it is illegal to travel faster than the speed limit in place. A limit of 30 Mph ( Miles per hour ) or 48 Kph ( Kilometers per hour ) generally applies to all vehicles on roads with street lighting unless there is a sign post stating otherwise. Local councils can implement their own speed limits in some areas, which must be sign posted. For example: 20 Mph limit in a built-up area near a college or school 50 Mph instead of a 60 Mph limit on a stretch of road with dangerous sharp bends

National Speed Limits By Vehicle Type & Road Type

Cars and motorcycles up to 2 tonnes:

  • Built Up Area = 30 Mph
  • Single Carriageway = 60 Mph
  • Dual Carriageway = 70 Mph
  • Motorway = 70 Mph

The suggested speed limit sticker for this type of vehicle is:

Vehicles towing caravans or trailers up to 7.5 tonnes:

  • Built Up Area = 30 Mph
  • Single Carriageway = 50 Mph
  • Dual Carriageway = 60 Mph
  • Motorway = 60 Mph

The suggested speed limit sticker for this type of vehicle is:

60 Mph Speed Limit Sticker

Buses, coaches up to 12 meters (39 ft) Or Goods vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes:

  • Built Up Area = 30 Mph
  • Single Carriageway = 50 Mph
  • Dual Carriageway = 60 Mph
  • Motorway = 70 Mph

The suggested speed limit sticker for this type of vehicle is:

Goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes

  • Built Up Area = 30 Mph
  • Single Carriageway = 40 Mph
  • Dual Carriageway = 50 Mph
  • Motorway = 60 Mph

The suggested speed limit sticker for this type of vehicle is:

60 Mph Speed Limit Sticker
It is compulsory for some types of vehicles to have speed limiters which enforce a maximum speed by physical means. Earlier produced vehicles still in use do not have limiters fitted or have them set at a higher speeds. New vehicles should be fitted with limiters as follows:
  • Buses and coaches: 65 Mph
  • HGVs: 56 Mph
  • Mopeds: 30 Mph

Speed limit stickers can be used to let other drivers know your vehicle is limited to a certain speed. Please see below for range of speed limit stickers.

Speed Limit Stickers

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November 27, 2014

No Smoking Stickers Legislation and Information

On the 1st of July 2007, smoking was made illegal in all indoor public buildings and workplaces In England. As a result of the Health Act 2006 similar bans were put in to place in Northern Ireland on 30 April 2007, Wales on 2 April 2007 and Scotland on 26 March 2006. By enforcing the new no smoking law guarantees a smoke free atmosphere in buildings or work premises. One of the main advantages will be the eradication of passive smoking which will boost health credentials for millions of people around the UK. To enforce work employees & the public to avoid smoking indoors, no smoking stickers can be used to remind them it is against the Law!

Please see our category of no smoking stickers which conform to UK legislation below:

No Smoking Stickers

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November 27, 2014

First Aid Signs Info

First Aid Signs can be very helpful to display useful first aid equipment such as first aid points, first aid boxes and emergency spill kits. First Aid is a legal requirement in the work place and requires employers to provide suitable equipment, facilities and personnel. First aid regulations help to provide and ensure immediate action if someone falls ill or is injured in the workplace. First aid knowledge can mean the difference between life and death, these skills can be used anywhere and at any time because you can never predict when an emergency will happen. You can potentially save a life in the event of an emergency with first aid knowledge. Time is critical in the event of an emergency, save precious time by correctly displaying all first aid equipment using our high quality first aid signage.

Please see our category of First Aid Signs below:

November 27, 2014

First Aid Stickers Information

First Aid is a very useful skill to learn and use in the event of an emergency if a person becomes seriously ill or critically injured. Once key skills are learned, they can be used anywhere at any time because you never know when you might need to use them! First aid knowledge can mean the difference between life and death. You can potentially save a life if the inevitable happens and emergency procedures are required. First Aid can be used to treat anything minor from small cuts or scrapes to major emergencies such as heart attacks and shock. First Aid Stickers can be useful to display important first aid equipment such as first aid boxes, emergency eye washes etc. Time is key in the event of an emergency, save time by displaying all of your first aid correctly using first aid stickers!

Please see our category of First Aid Stickers below: 

First Aid Stickers

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November 07, 2014

Updated Accessories Category

We have recently updated our accessories category and added some new products which are available to purchase and are in stock. The revised category can now be accessed under the new sub heading "sticker and sign accessories" which is located on the left hand side of the website. We have recently changed the layout and feel of the website to ensure an easy buying experience.

The revised products can be seen below:

Please see our extensive range of products, all available to purchase direct from the UK's leading manufacturer of safety signs, safety stickers and safety labels.

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May 20, 2014

UN Number Signs and Limited Quantity Signs Now On Sale!

We have just added a selection of UN Number Signs and Limited Quantity Signs to our Hazchem Safety Signs Range.

The UN Number signs have a custom input feature, all you need to do is simply enter your selected UN number for your sign! Please see below for the two different designs we currently have on offer. The majority of dangerous and hazardous chemicals, substances and gases have specific UN Numbers to display their own unique identity.

UN Number SignCustom UN Number Sign

Secondly, we have also introduced the limited quantity signs to our hazchem safety signs category ( or better known as LQ signs ), There are two types of limited quantity signs so do not get them mixed up! The sign with a capital " Y " is used for dangerous items which are shipped using air transport. The blank limited quantity sign is used for dangerous items which are shipped by land or sea transport. Please see below for the two different designs available.

Limited Quantity Air SignLimited Quantity Road and Sea Sign

UN Signs and Limited Quantity Signs and Labels can be found on the links below.

Hazchem Signs

Hazchem Labels

May 08, 2014

Hazchem Symbols Guide - Class 1 To Class 9 Explained

Class 1 Explosives



 Class 1 Explosive Examples 

 Explosive Label

An explosive is any chemical or item which is created to explode. An example would be a chemical reaction that would cause a dangerous explosive release of gas or heat.




Gun Powder

Class 2 Gases



Class 2 Gases Examples

Flammable Gas Label

A hazardous chemical gas which can catch fire and burn.

Sub Class 2.1 Flammable Gas





Non flammable compressed gas label

A compressed gas which is stored in a pressured container. Due to the high pressure of some containers, these gases can be very harmful if the container is damaged or if they are subject to a fire.

Sub Class 2.2 Non-Flammable Or Non-Poisonous Compressed Gas 



Carbon dioxide


Toxic Gas Label

Toxic gases can be very lethal and poisonous to humans if there is a gas leak. In the event of a leak, the gases can spread quickly which can reduce the strength of poison but can still be very dangerous.

Sub Class 2.3 Poisonous Gas

Carbon monoxide


Methyl Bromide


Class 3 Flammable Liquids / Irritants



Class 3 Flammable Liquid / Irritants Examples

Flammable Liquid Label

Combustible liquids which can be very dangerous if ignited.

They can also be irritants if they come in contact with skin.





Class 4 Flammable Solids



Class 4 Flammable Solids Examples

Flammable Solids Label

Combustible materials that can become reactive if they are exposed to friction. Some materials can become thermally unstable and dangerous, even with low volumes of Oxygen present.

Sub Class: 4.1 Flammable Solids



Sodium Sulfide


Spontaneously Combustible

These are chemicals or items which can instantly combust and can become self-reactive materials if exposed to air, this can occur without any kind of heat being applied.

Sub Class: 4.2 Spontaneously Combustible



Potassium sulfide

Sodium Sulfide

Dangerous when wet

These are chemicals or substances which become flammable or emit toxic gases when they come in contact with water.

Sub Class: 4.3 Dangerous When Wet





Class 5 Oxidising Chemicals



Class 5 Oxidising Examples

Oxidising agent 5.1 label

Oxidising agents can greatly increase the combustion of other chemicals or materials. When the oxidising material or chemical is combined with oxygen, it can enhance the combustion of different materials. This means the material has been oxidised.

Sub Class: 5.1 Oxidising Agent

Chlorine Pool Chemicals



Sodium Super Oxides

Organic Peroxide 5.2 label

Organic peroxides are a type of oxidising chemical. They have a special sub class because these particular chemicals also have explosive properties under certain circumstances. If some organic peroxides are left out to dry, they become more dangerous over a certain time period.

Sub Class: 5.2 Organic Peroxide

Some Fertilizers 


Ethyl Hydro Peroxide

Acetyl Acetone Peroxide

Class 6 Poisonous Chemicals and Gases



Class 6 Poisonous Chemicals and Gases Examples

Poison Label

Poisonous chemicals pose serious health hazards if exposed to humans. If these chemicals are mishandled or swallowed, they have the potential to cause serious harm or even fatalities.

Sub Class: 6.1 Poisonous / Toxic Chemicals Or Substances





Poison Gas Label Sub Class: 6.1 Same health hazards as above but these are poisonous and toxic gases.

 Tear Gas

Class 7 Radioactive Chemicals and Substances



Class 7 Radioactive Chemicals and Substances Examples

Radioactive i label

Class 7 radioactive materials are extremely dangerous and contain radionuclides which emit ionising radiation. Ionising radiation can potentially cause serious risks to human health.

Class Description: Radioactive 7 i


Medical Isotopes



Radioactive II label


Material in which radioactive material is distributed throughout & the average specific activity is: – ≤ 10 -4 A 2/gram for solids – ≤ 10 -5 A 2/gram for liquids.

Class Description: Radioactive 7 ii

Water with tritium concentration
Radioactive iii label

Radioactive solids which are either consolidated wastes or activated materials meeting the requirements for §173.468. Radioactive radiation which is distributed throughout a solid, collection of solid objects, or solid compact binding agent (concrete, ceramic, etc). Radioactive Material is relatively insoluble or intrinsically contained in a relatively insoluble material so leaching in water will not exceed 0.1 A 2 after 7 days. Must have an average specific activity of  ≤ 2 x 10 -3 A 2/g.

Class Description: Radioactive 7 iii

Radioactive solids

Class 8 Corrosive Chemicals



Class 8 Corrosive Chemicals Examples

Corrosive label

Corrosives are types of chemicals or substances that can corrode, disintegrate or even melt different materials when they come in contact. Some corrosive chemicals have the strength to corrode some types of metal such as steel or aluminium. Class 8 corrosive chemicals can cause severe damage to humans if mishandled.

Nitric Acid



Hydrochloric Acid

Class 9 Miscellaneous Goods



Class 9 Miscellaneous Goods Examples

Miscellaneous Class 9 Label

Class 9 Miscellaneous goods are chemicals or substances which are not covered by the above classes. Some miscellaneous chemicals can pose serious health and safety risks when they are transported.


Dry Ice

Polymeric Beads

First aid Kits 

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