Burglars Beware! Security Signs Information

Aug 21 2020 0 Comments

Owners of private property can rest easy at night knowing that their property is safe at night or during the day with these anti-burglar deterrents!

Research has shown that these signs have been known to sway most individuals from committing acts of burglary or theft on the premises as the feeling of being watched leads to a reduction in crime. These innovative signs/stickers can be used alongside standard signs within the workplace or private property to reinforce security and safety messages.

As of 1998, installation of CCTV within the public environment that records the daily goings of pedestrians must be presented alongside a sign/stickers, identifying the owner of the security system.

Many of these products can be acquired from our company's website following the link below with the option of custom signs if you contact us phone or email.

Security Signs

34 Products Available

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