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CE Mark Regulations 1st July 2013

Jun 21 2013 0 Comments Tags: Blog Website, CE Labels, CE Mark, CE Mark 1st July, CE Regulations, Safety Label Blog, Safety Stickers, Sticker Blog, Stickers

On the 1st of July 2013, new regulations will be enforced on construction products. All manufactured products which are related to construction and are affiliated with harmonised European Standards, will legally require CE Labels to be displayed. Distributors, importers and manufacturers will now carry a legal responsibility to  display the CE mark when selling construction products commercially or to the public. The following product areas are required to display a CE mark. PRODUCT AREAS PRECAST NORMAL/LIGHTWEIGHT/AUTOCLAVED AERATED CONCRETE PRODUCTS.  DOORS, WINDOWS, SHUTTERS, GATES AND RELATED BUILDING HARDWARE.  MEMBRANES, INCLUDING LIQUID APPLIED AND KITS (FOR WATER AND/OR WATER VAPOUR CONTROL).  THERMAL...

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Jan 23 2013 0 Comments Tags: Labels, New Sticker Business, New Website, Safety Label, Safety Sticker, Stickers

23/01/2013 is now on facebook, if you have used us in the past or you have any suggestions please leave a comment. Dont forget to hit the like button!!   :) Click here now!

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We're Open For Business!

Nov 13 2012 0 Comments Tags: Electrical Safety Stickers, Labels, New Sticker Business, New Website, Safety Label, Safety Sticker, Sticker Blog, Stickers

21/01/2013 We're Open For Business! is now live! We invite you to have a look around and browse our comprehensive easy-to-use website. Based in Greater Manchester we aim to provide an efficient service and simple buying experience for the customer. Currently we will be using Royal Mail to ship all orders up and down the country. Please allow 24-48 hours for order + dispatch. .  We currently have 18 different categories to choose from so there is plenty of choice!! We aim to add more products over the coming weeks to extend our collection of products. We only use top quality materials to...

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