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What Does COSHH Stand For?

Sep 16 2013 0 Comments Tags: COSHH Labels, COSHH Meanings, COSHH Safety, COSHH Signs, Safety Label, Signs

What Does COSHH Stand For? COSHH is the abbreviation for Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations. It is a legal requirement for manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals to display their products with hazard symbols, warnings and safety advice for a chemical which is dangerous. Dangerous chemicals must be used safely in the workplace and handled with care to avoid any accidents. The up to date GHS COSHH symbols are explained below: Caution COSHH Symbol Corrosive COSHH Symbol Dangerous To The Environment COSHH Symbol Explosive COSHH Symbol Flammable COSHH Symbol Gas Under Pressure COSHH Symbol Long Term Health Hazard COSHH...

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New Discount Rates For All Products!

Aug 29 2013 0 Comments Tags: Discount, Labels, Safety Label, Safety Label Blog

As we all know, everyone likes a bargain and good value for money! This is the reason why we have recently introduced a new discount structure on all products available on This includes all safety stickers, safety signs and safety labels in every single size ( that's a lot of variation! ). Safety Sticker Prices & Discounts Please see example below for different prices and discount brackets for no smoking stickers. No Smoking Sticker 50x50mm Sticker Prices and Discount: Quantity  Price Each Discount Applied 1x £0.49  0% 10x £0.44  10% 25x £0.42  14% 50x  £0.39  20% 100x  £0.34  31%...

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Fire Exit Signs Blog Post

Aug 13 2013 0 Comments Tags: Fire Exit Safety Signs, Fire Exit Signs, Fire Exit Stickers, Safety Label, Safety Label Blog, Safety Signs, Signs

Fire exit signs are now available to purchase at! We have released a new range of 36 fire exit signs all available in a range of sizes, materials and different designs. Additional designs will be added at a later date as we create new products every day to provide more choice to customers. If you can not find what you are looking for, please email your requirements to Some information about our range of fire exit signs: Materials: The materials we use to produce our signs consist of 1mm Semi-Rigid PVC, 3mm Rigid Plastic and 3mm Aluminium composite....

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Safety Signs Now Available

Jul 31 2013 0 Comments Tags: Electrical Safety Stickers, Mandatory Signs, Prohibition Signs, Safety Label, Safety Label Blog

New update for our new range of signs which are being released on a daily basis. Currently we have 3 sign categories which include Custom Safety Signs, Electrical Safety Signs and Mandatory Signs. Additional categories such as Prohibition signs and Hazard Warning Signs are being released in the next few days. A quick description of each category below: Custom Safety Signs:  Customize your safety signs by inputting any personal text you require. We can print any text you like and can also create custom designs when required.  Premium grade materials are used such as vehicle grade vinyl, 1mm Semi-Rigid PVC Signs,...

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Custom Safety Stickers Now On Sale!

Jun 21 2013 0 Comments Tags: Blog, Blog Website, Electrical Safety Stickers, Safety Label, Safety Label Blog, Safety Sticker, Safety Stickers, Sticker Blog has recently launched a new range of custom safety stickers which can be personalized to your requirements. A new text input box has been installed so you can input your personal text. Create your own custom stickers using our design templates, the combinations are endless! The designs currently include prohibition, mandatory, hazard and electrical safety. The Prohibition design consists of: White Background Red text box and circle with a diagonal line through it White Text The Mandatory design consists of: White Background Blue text box and circle White text and exclamation mark The Hazard design consists of: White Background...

Read More Now Accepts Credit & Debit cards

Jan 29 2013 0 Comments Tags: American Express, Maestro, Mastercard, New Website, Paypal Secure Payment, Safety Label, Solo, Sticker Blog, Visa

Shop in confidence with! Now using Paypal Payflow Gateway technology we can securely accept your payments using your debit & credit card. Using your personal payment cards has never been safer. always puts the customer's safety first & never stores any of your vital information allowing you to browse with confidence. Visa Mastercard Maestro Solo American Express

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Jan 23 2013 0 Comments Tags: Labels, New Sticker Business, New Website, Safety Label, Safety Sticker, Stickers

23/01/2013 is now on facebook, if you have used us in the past or you have any suggestions please leave a comment. Dont forget to hit the like button!!   :) Click here now!

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We're Open For Business!

Nov 13 2012 0 Comments Tags: Electrical Safety Stickers, Labels, New Sticker Business, New Website, Safety Label, Safety Sticker, Sticker Blog, Stickers

21/01/2013 We're Open For Business! is now live! We invite you to have a look around and browse our comprehensive easy-to-use website. Based in Greater Manchester we aim to provide an efficient service and simple buying experience for the customer. Currently we will be using Royal Mail to ship all orders up and down the country. Please allow 24-48 hours for order + dispatch. .  We currently have 18 different categories to choose from so there is plenty of choice!! We aim to add more products over the coming weeks to extend our collection of products. We only use top quality materials to...

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