UK Vehicle Sticker - The New EU Standard

Nov 19 2021 0 Comments Tags: Blog, Sticker Blog, Stickers

From September 28th of this year the standard sticker to be applied to a drivers car when entering the EU was changed from the blue GB sticker to a white UK sticker. The Department for Transport has stated that GB stickers must be covered by the UK sticker or replaced by it to legally travel in Europe. As well as needing a UK sticker if your license plate features a GB identifier (with the Union flag), a national flag of England, Scotland or Wales, a Euro symbol or if your license plate only features numbers and letters with no imagery.

Our UK sticker is produced from premium grade vinyl with strong and secure hi-tack adhesive to secure your sticker for over 7 years. We laminate the sticker which gives it immunity to scratches and anti fade UV light protection. Our sticker can be applied to numerous flat surfaces and is always printed at high quality. Nothing leaves our workshop without being meticulously inspected. We sell our stickers at £1.79 (Incl. VAT) with discounts for bulk orders. All orders on or over £50 are delivered free of charge.

 Product Link: UK Sticker


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