Warning Signs Within The Workplace

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Warning signs within the workplace are essential as they allow employees to be informed of potential environmental hazards that could effect health or well being. There are currently three warning levels within a sign that warns you of the potential danger a piece of equipment holds.

Firstly are the Danger signs, which inform the worker that the risk could result in chance of death. These signs should be limited to minimal amounts of text to inform in the least possible time, mostly on the guidelines of three words.

Secondly are the Warning signs, which inform the worker of a risk that could lead to a minor or moderate injury within the workplace. These warnings can include more than the standard three words however, it is best to keep it short should the risk be escalated with carelessness.

And finally, there are the Caution signs, which inform the worker that a risk of low level importance could lead to a minor injury in the case of carelessness with equipment or within the environment. 

The signs themselves always feature the industry standard yellow and black colour scheme to catch the attention of workers with a black bordered triangle in the center.

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