New Product Codes Introduced For All Products

Dec 02 2013 0 Comments Tags: Product Codes, Safety Label Blog, Safety Signs, Safety Sticker has introduced a new product coding system to help identify products on the website.

Please see below for a list of product codes for each safety label, safety sticker and safety sign category.

If you need a quotation for any product, please include your product code on request.


Product Code: CSS15

Category: Construction Site Safety Signs

Product Number: 15

Product codes for each category:


Accessories: AC

Asset Labels: AL

CE Labels: CE



Colour Coded Sticky Dots: SD

Construction Site Safety Signs: CSS

Custom Safety Signs: CUS

Custom Safety Stickers: CUL

Electrical Safety Stickers / Labels: ESL

Electrical Safety Signs: ESS

Fire Exit Signs: FES

Fire Exit Stickers: FEL

Fire Safety Labels: FSL

Fire Safety Signs: FSS

First Aid Signs: FAS

First Aid Stickers: FAL

Glass Manifestation: GM

Hazard Signs: HS

Hazard Stickers / Labels: HL

Hazchem Labels: HZ

Hazchem Signs: HZS

Hygiene Stickers: HY

Letter Stickers ( Printed ) : LS

Mandatory Signs: MS

Mandatory Stickers: ML

No Smoking Signs: NS

No Smoking Stickers: NL

Number Stickers ( Printed ) : NUS

Packaging Labels: PL

Prohibition Labels: PL

Prohibition Signs: PRS

Recycling Labels / Stickers: RL

Safe Working Load Stickers: SWL

Security Stickers: SS

Speed Limit Stickers: SL

Test Labels: TL

Trade and Association Stickers: TA

Transport and Vehicle Stickers: TUS

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