What is CLOCS? - The Safety Scheme To Protect Vulnerable Road Users

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CLOCS - "Construction Logistics and Community Safety"

The CLOCS scheme was created back in December 2013 to help protect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. Construction companies, fleet operators and principal contractors have got involved with this scheme to help prevent fatalities and serious injuries happening on the public highway.

Some of the guidelines and goals set by CLOCS can be seen below:

  • Fewer vehicle journeys
  • Zero accidents between the community and construction vehicles
  • Reduced emissions and improved air quality in the city
  • Reduced reputational risk

This national standard provides a clear understanding to help ensure all involved know their responsibilities and roles to ensure the safest construction vehicle journeys.

Both FORS and CLOCS work closely together to help keep compliance uncomplicated and straight forward. If a company is already achieved a FORS Silver accreditation, they are also considered to be CLOCS compliant too.

If you require CLOCS stickers or FORS stickers for your transport fleet or vehicle, please see our categories below.

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