Driver May Not See You In This Area Sticker

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Product Name: Driver May Not See You In This Area Sticker

Additional Product Description: This sticker is used on the sideguards of a HGV. This sticker is required for the direct vision standard for vehicles entering and operating in Greater London. The direct vision standard is a HGV safety permit for vehicles with a gross weight of over 12 tonnes.

Product Code: TS047

Product Type: Transport and haulage

Product Example Picture:
HGV TFL Safety Permit Sticker

Dimensions: Please click on "Size" drop down box to view all available sizes.

Sticker Material: Self adhesive laminated polymeric vinyl. Reflective sticker option also available.

Sticker Lifetime: All of our safety stickers and labels have a lifetime of 5 to 7 years.

Additional Material Benefits: Scratch, chemical and UV colour fade resistant.

Where Can I Apply The Sticker? All products are weatherproof and can be used internally or externally on smooth flat surfacesFor low energy or rough surfaces, please contact us for our high tack vinyl option.

Do I Need to Prepare The Surface Prior To Application? It is highly recommend to thoroughly clean and degrease the area where you are applying the label/sticker for maximum longevity of the product.

How Do I Apply The Sticker? 

  • Clean surface before application
  • Remove the sticker from the backing paper
  • Place sticker in the position you would like to apply
  • Apply pressure to the middle of the sticker and work towards the edges, pushing air out from underneath the sticker
  • Push out or pop air bubbles with a sharp knife

Country of Manufacture: We manufacture all products in house using British sourced materials.

Need A Different Size or Custom Design Sticker? Please contact our sales team by email or telephone.