400 Volts Safety Sign

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  • 400 Volts Safety Sign
  • Durable Long Life Electrical Safety Signs (5+ Years Lifetime)
  • Laminated 400 Volts Safety Sign Meaning Anti Fade UV Protection + Complete Scratch Resistance
  • Electrical Safety Signs can be used as a precaution to any electrical hazard which may be of risk.
  • Additional Options: Self Adhesive Backing

Self Adhesive Option: Each electrical safety sign will be applied with strong self adhesive backing for quick installation on to any smooth flat surface.

Our range of signs will last multiple years in many indoor and outdoor environments. ( 5 years + )

High clarity print quality meaning our signs are easy to read and have excellent visibility.

Sign Materials: 1mm Semi-Rigid PVC, 3mm Rigid Plastic and 3mm Aluminium Composite

Dimensions: 300x100mm, 400x150mm and 600x200mm

For custom sign designs and sizes, please email your requirements, we will be happy to help!

Product Code: EB023