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Miscellaneous Class 9 Label

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Product Description

  • Miscellaneous Class 9 Label
  • Self Adhesive Hazchem Labels / Stickers
  • Material: Premium Vehicle Grade Vinyl / Label ( Better Than Polypropylene )
  • Laminated Hazchem Class 9 Miscellaneous Labels Meaning Complete Scratch Resistance + Anti Fade UV Protection
  • Secure & Strong Hi-Tack Adhesive

Class 9 Miscellaneous Goods



Class 9 Miscellaneous Goods Examples

Miscellaneous Class 9 Label

Class 9 Miscellaneous goods are chemicals or substances which are not covered by the above classes. Some miscellaneous chemicals can pose serious health and safety risks when they are transported.


Dry Ice

Polymeric Beads

First aid Kits 

Suitable labels and stickers for vehicles / containers which contain class 9 miscellaneous goods.

Will last multiple years in any indoor and outdoor environments. ( 7 years + )

Self adhesive backing, can be applied to numerous clean flat surfaces.

High resolution print quality for high clarity & visibility, miscellaneous goods labels.

Dimensions: For all label / sticker dimensions please see drop down menus.

Product Code: HZ23


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