Organic Peroxide 5.2 Label

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  • Organic Peroxide Class 5 Label
  • Self Adhesive Hazchem Labels / Stickers
  • Material: Premium Vehicle Grade Vinyl / Label ( Better Than Polypropylene )
  • Laminated Hazchem Class 5 Organic Peroxide Labels Meaning Complete Scratch Resistance + Anti Fade UV Protection
  • Secure & Strong Hi-Tack Adhesive

Class 5 Oxidising Chemicals



Class 5 Oxidising Examples

Oxidising agent 5.1 label

Oxidising agents can greatly increase the combustion of other chemicals or materials. When the oxidising material or chemical is combined with oxygen, it can enhance the combustion of different materials. This means the material has been oxidised.

Sub Class: 5.1 Oxidising Agent

Chlorine Pool Chemicals



Sodium Super Oxides

Organic Peroxide 5.2 label

Organic peroxides are a type of oxidising chemical. They have a special sub class because these particular chemicals also have explosive properties under certain circumstances. If some organic peroxides are left out to dry, they become more dangerous over a certain time period.

Sub Class: 5.2 Organic Peroxide

Some Fertilizers 


Ethyl Hydro Peroxide

Acetyl Acetone Peroxide

Suitable labels and stickers for vehicles / containers which contain class 5 organic peroxide materials.

Will last multiple years in any indoor and outdoor environments. ( 7 years + )

Self adhesive backing, can be applied to numerous clean flat surfaces.

High resolution print quality for high clarity & visibility, organic peroxide labels.

Dimensions: For all label / sticker dimensions please see drop down menus.

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