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  • Radioactive iii Class 7 Label
  • Self Adhesive Hazchem Labels / Stickers
  • Material: Premium Vehicle Grade Vinyl / Label ( Better Than Polypropylene )
  • Laminated Hazchem Class 7 Radioactive iii Labels Meaning Complete Scratch Resistance + Anti Fade UV Protection
  • Secure & Strong Hi-Tack Adhesive

Class 7 Radioactive Chemicals and Substances



Class 7 Radioactive Chemicals and Substances Examples

Radioactive i label

Class 7 radioactive materials are extremely dangerous and contain radionuclides which emit ionising radiation. Ionising radiation can potentially cause serious risks to human health.

Class Description: Radioactive 7 i


Medical Isotopes



Radioactive II label


Material in which radioactive material is distributed throughout & the average specific activity is: – ≤ 10 -4 A 2/gram for solids – ≤ 10 -5 A 2/gram for liquids.

Class Description: Radioactive 7 ii

Water with tritium concentration
Radioactive iii label

Radioactive solids which are either consolidated wastes or activated materials meeting the requirements for §173.468. Radioactive radiation which is distributed throughout a solid, collection of solid objects, or solid compact binding agent (concrete, ceramic, etc). Radioactive Material is relatively insoluble or intrinsically contained in a relatively insoluble material so leaching in water will not exceed 0.1 A 2 after 7 days. Must have an average specific activity of  ≤ 2 x 10 -3 A 2/g.

Class Description: Radioactive 7 iii

Radioactive solids

Suitable labels and stickers for vehicles / containers which contain class 7 radioactive iii materials.

Will last multiple years in any indoor and outdoor environments. ( 7 years + )

Self adhesive backing, can be applied to numerous clean flat surfaces.

High resolution print quality for high clarity & visibility, radioactive iii labels.

Dimensions: For all label / sticker dimensions please see drop down menus.

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