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Spontaneously Combustible 4 Sign
  • Product Code: HZS17

Spontaneously Combustible 4 Sign

£2.99 Excl. VAT
£3.59 Incl. VAT
    • Spontaneously Combustible Sign
    • Hazchem Class: Class 4
    • Outdoor Rated Weatherproof Hazchem Signs (5+ Years Lifetime)
    • Laminated Spontaneously Combustible Class 4 Signs Meaning Complete Scratch Resistance and Anti Fade UV Protection
    • Available In A Range Of Sizes and Materials
    • Additional Options: Self Adhesive Backing

    Class 4 Flammable Solids



    Class 4 Flammable Solids Examples

    Flammable Solids Label

    Combustible materials that can become reactive if they are exposed to friction. Some materials can become thermally unstable and dangerous, even with low volumes of Oxygen present.

    Sub Class: 4.1 Flammable Solids



    Sodium Sulfide


    Spontaneously Combustible

    These are chemicals or items which can instantly combust and can become self-reactive materials if exposed to air, this can occur without any kind of heat being applied.

    Sub Class: 4.2 Spontaneously Combustible



    Potassium sulfide

    Sodium Sulfide

    Dangerous when wet

    These are chemicals or substances which become flammable or emit toxic gases when they come in contact with water.

    Sub Class: 4.3 Dangerous When Wet





    Self Adhesive Option: Each Hazchem Safety Sign will be applied with strong self adhesive backing for quick installation on to any smooth flat surface.

    Dimensions: 100x100mm, 200x200mm, 300x300mm

    Sign Materials: 1mm Semi-Rigid PVC, 3mm Rigid Plastic and 3mm Aluminium Composite

    Our range of signs will last multiple years in many indoor and outdoor environments. ( 5 years + )

    High resolution print quality offering excellent visibility which is important for safety.

    For custom sign designs and sizes, please email your requirements, we will be happy to help!

    Product Code: HZS17

    All materials are UK Sourced and printed in house using the latest Roland Wide Format Printers.

    • Self Adhesive Sticker: An external grade vinyl material which is over laminated providing additional chemical, scratch and UV resistance.
    • 1mm Semi-Rigid Plastic: A budget semi-rigid material which is UV flatbed printed. Roland's latest EUV5 ink provides reliable outdoor durability and offers superior scratch and chemical resistance.
    • 3mm Rigid Plastic: A good quality all round material which offers good durability and longevity when used indoors and outdoors. This material is also printed using the latest EUV5 inks for a high quality long lasting sign.
    • 5mm Rigid Plastic: A thicker more robust plastic material than the 3mm variant. This material is also printed using the latest EUV5 inks for a high quality long lasting sign.
    • 3mm Aluminium Composite: An excellent solid outdoor sign material which will last many years.
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