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UN Number Signs and Limited Quantity Signs Now On Sale!

May 20 2014 0 Comments Tags: Hazchem Safety, Limited Quantity Signs, LQ Signs, UN Number Signs

We have just added a selection of UN Number Signs and Limited Quantity Signs to our Hazchem Safety Signs Range. The UN Number signs have a custom input feature, all you need to do is simply enter your selected UN number for your sign! Please see below for the two different designs we currently have on offer. The majority of dangerous and hazardous chemicals, substances and gases have specific UN Numbers to display their own unique identity. Secondly, we have also introduced the limited quantity signs to our hazchem safety signs category ( or better known as LQ signs ),...

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Hazchem Symbols Guide - Class 1 To Class 9 Explained

May 13 2014 0 Comments Tags: Hazchem, Hazchem Blog, Hazchem Class 1 to 9, Hazchem Labels, Hazchem Safety, Hazchem Signs,

Class 1 Explosives Symbol Description  Class 1 Explosive Examples    An explosive is any chemical or item which is created to explode. An example would be a chemical reaction that would cause a dangerous explosive release of gas or heat. Pyrotechnics Fireworks Dynamite Gun Powder Class 2 Gases Symbol Description Class 2 Gases Examples A hazardous chemical gas which can catch fire and burn. Sub Class 2.1 Flammable Gas Methane Propane Butane Hydrogen A compressed gas which is stored in a pressured container. Due to the high pressure of some containers, these gases can be very harmful if the container...

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