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Hazchem Symbols Guide - Class 1 To Class 9 Explained

May 13 2014 0 Comments Tags: Hazchem, Hazchem Blog, Hazchem Class 1 to 9, Hazchem Labels, Hazchem Safety, Hazchem Signs,

Class 1 Explosives Symbol Description  Class 1 Explosive Examples    An explosive is any chemical or item which is created to explode. An example would be a chemical reaction that would cause a dangerous explosive release of gas or heat. Pyrotechnics Fireworks Dynamite Gun Powder Class 2 Gases Symbol Description Class 2 Gases Examples A hazardous chemical gas which can catch fire and burn. Sub Class 2.1 Flammable Gas Methane Propane Butane Hydrogen A compressed gas which is stored in a pressured container. Due to the high pressure of some containers, these gases can be very harmful if the container...

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